"Pēda" ("Foot")

The folk dance group ‘Pēda’ was founded in kolkhoz (collective farm)‘Aizkraukle’ in 15th of December 1988. Home for ‘Pēda’ is the Aizkraukle Recreation Centre. In 1988 the group was given the name ‘Pēda’ (The Foot). 
From the first day the leader of the folk dance group ‘Pēda’ is choreographer and dancing teacher Una Stakle. From November 2007 Una Stakle has an assistant – dancing repetiteur Ilanta Jātniece. 
‘Pēda’ is a very active participant in different cultural events and performances in Aizkraukle district and throughout Latvia, performing both – Latvian and foreign modern and ethnographic dances. Recently ‘Pēda’ has performed choreographies of J.Purviņš, J.Ērglis, I.Drelis, also choreographies from the Latvian old masters H.Sūna and I.Magone. The folk dance group ‘Pēda’ has rehearsed two theatrical performances with choreography of Una Stakle called ‘Sūnu ciema zēni’ ("Moss village boys") and ‘Es vēlos…’("I want to..")

The folk dance group ‘Pēda’ has participated in all (6) Overall Latvian Song and Dance Festival, which had been taking place from 1990 and in Song and Dance Celebration ‘Rīgai – 800’ in 2001. In 2008 ‘Pēda’ was the participant in dance performance ‘No sirsniņas sirsniņai’ which was one of events in Dance Celebration. 

Recently ‘Pēda’ have won several diplomas of first level in Aizkraukle district dancing competitions. ‘Pēda’ had also participated in Youth Dancing Competition ‘Vidzemes trejdeksnis’ at various times and had won the third place in 2000. In Dance Creation Competition in Valmiera ‘Pēda’ had been approved by performances with choreography of U.Stakle – ‘Mazā Jūle’ un ‘Medņivietis’ (in 2000). 
Several times ‘Pēda’ has hosted foreign guests and participated in International Festival called ‘Sudmaliņas’ which is organized in Latvia. However, the folk dance group ‘Peda’ has participated at least twenty times in international festivals elsewhere in Europe and Asia. 
The group is the member of IOV Association. Programmes of festivals and concerts in Latvia ‘Pēda’ often rehearse with band of I.Baumanis. 

‘Pēda’ gives concerts in some corporative events, as well as organizes Christmas celebrations for children. 
Group’s rehearsals had visited two presidents of the Republic of Latvia – Vaira Vīķe Freiberga (2002) and Valdis Zatlers (2007).

We welcome anyone who in these years has danced in "The foot", he`s ours. So in 2011th we created a middle-aged dance group.

The collective is formed not only by dance traditions, but also the wonderful traditions common recreational moments.

Remember - If the foot itch, there will be a large dancing!






About the collective:

The motto: If the foot itches, it will be a great dancing! 

Dancers: At the moment 47, all together ~150