Una Stakle - Director of art
Dance group "Pēda" creator and manager, dance teacher and choreographer, Aizkraukle district dance group`s artistic director. Born dancing, grew up in dance group "Daugaviņa", studied in dance group "Liesma", live in dance group "Pēda". I learned the art of choreography Riga cultural education Technical and Lavian Academy of Music. With "Pēda" together we created many choerographies, best-known Latvian "Medņevietis", "Mazā Jūle".

From dancin resting preparing delicious meals for "Pēda" and not only, taking care of the flower garden and traveling.
Vilis Stakle - Director
With "Pēda" i`m with thoughts and deeds even before its inception. Since 1990, the nature of his madcap feasible planning and organizing closer, further and very distant trips. "Pēda" of international relations handler. Dancers tricks know well, because the same dance I have to, "You."