Andis Pauls - President
I`m an important person from the people. Traces of the president as well as president of the country on their activities do not bear political responsibility, but has the right to declare war or to pardon the convicts. I do not refer to a speech - Your Excellency.
Ilze Šūmane - Head of the group
I`m together with "Pēda" since the first day, so "in "Pēda" life has done a lot. Everyday bread earn with feathers rod and mouth, also traces often have speech and text maker. With the latest technology i`m good, but drafts are generally made with a pen.

It`s nice that everything is well made!
Irita Savčenko - Statistic and information
As already "Pēda" Statistics and information manager, my mission is to provide data accurate, complete and easy to understand statistical information on "Pēda" in everyday life, using modern solutions and best practices in real-life. I am "Pēda" management supervision. My aim is to build and develop the dance group "Pēda" statistical system. According to its competence I cooperate with a "Pēda" leadership and dancers individualy.
Always assist:
  • Baiba S.
  • Līga Z.
Anrijs Java, Ritvars Prikulis - Web page and advertisement
Focused young man.
Start this small project, inspired from the Ritvars :)

I`m not a professional in this hobby, but all things i do from the heart.
A couple of ours from weary weekday evenings are dedicated to website.